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About Me

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My name is Greg Berge, and I have been a teacher, coach, and school administrator for the last 29 years.  I currently serve as the High School Principal and Varsity Boys' Basketball Coach in Lake City, MN. I am the owner of GB1 Leadership LLC and also a Licensed Sports Leadership Facilitator through the Janssen Sports Leadership Center.


My 19 years in school administration have given me a unique and broad perspective on leadership, team development, and how teams and individuals are successful. My 18 years as a Varsity Basketball Coach and many other years as an assistant coach in multiple sports have given me great insight into what makes great teams.  


Over these 19 years, our basketball teams have had strong success:

  • 300+ Wins

  • 11 Conference Championships

  • 9 Consecutive Conference Championships

  • 2 Section Championships


As an assistant varsity coach, I have also helped coach teams who won multiple section championships in both football and girl's golf. I have also been fortunate to coach multiple players who played college basketball encompassing all levels (NCAA Division I, Division II, NAIA Division II, and Division III).   


I began speaking and writing to share what I have learned with others in the hopes of growing the critical coaching profession and helping coaches build Great Teams and Better Leaders.

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