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Team Leader OS

Player-Led Teams WIN.

Empower and Develop Your Team Leaders.

Team Leader OS

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Scott Bergman

(Athletic Director)

"The Team Leader OS has everything needed to improve the leadership of our student/athletes.  The systematic way the Video Course is laid out is tremendous with perfect pacing.  The reflective questions are great.

The Training Manual, along with the Leadership Resources and Leadership Lessons, will allow our students and leaders to have various discussions.

We have been looking for a way to ramp up our student leadership program and The Team Leader OS provides the necessary tools.  This is a must have for all AD's and coaches."

Coach McCormick (General McLane Head Football Coach)

Just wanted to say thank you for all the content. I’m a head football coach in PA and we just finished our 2nd lesson. Have been doing the lessons in two part. I use professional athlete videos to start the lesson with questions and then use your leadership curriculum for the 2nd half. The response from the kids has been great.

Drew Waldbillig

(Girls Basketball Coach)

"As a first-year varsity coach, Greg's resources have been a extremely helpful. Using these train the trainer modules will be imperative for the growth of our players, families and coaches in future years! It is user friendly because courses do not need to be done in a certain amount of time or in any order. I also appreciate the discussion posts and plan to borrow ideas from other coaches to better our program. As the number of resources begin to grow, this will be a one-stop shop for coaches and leaders of any level!"
Trying to decide if the Team Leader OS is for you?
Why the Team Leader OS?
I reached out to hundreds of coaches. I asked them what their biggest needs were. Their overwhelming response?  More leadership resources to use to develop leadership skills for our teams.  So I developed this course and these resources with this in mind. 
It is meant to be the Ultimate Leadership Resource for coaches!
Who is this course for?
The Team Leader OS was created by a coach and for coaches, especially at the high school level.  It was made for coaches and schools to use with their teams. It is practical, flexible, and uses a "Coach the Coaches" approach. It is loaded with ALL of the resources you will even need to develop and grow your leaders. Buy once, use forever!
How can an AD get this for ALL coaches at their school?
ADs are some of the busiest people in a school. With the constant turnover in coaches, finding time to train, support, onboard new coaches, and systemically develop team leaders is not easy. The Team Leader OS: SCHOOL aims to change that.

The Team Leader OS: SCHOOL gives ALL coaches in your school lifetime access to the Team Leader OS. What happens when you hire a new coach? Fill out a quick form, and we will send them access to the course and resources.

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